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Calculate what your income could be in retirement

Calculate what your income could be in retirement

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When it's time to retire, you may want to turn your savings into income.

When investing as a couple you must be in a relationship (i.e. de facto, civil union, marriage or a relationship determined by Lifetime to be similar in nature to those relationships).

A couples Annuity Factor is a combination of the partner with the longest life expectancy and the partner with the highest Prescribe Investor Rate.

Investing when over 80

Are you 81 or over?

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When you are your projected retirement income will be
  • Lifetime Retirement Income

Every year Lifetime will review what level of income you can be paid to deliver you a regular, tax-paid, fortnightly income with the purpose of lasting your lifetime. Your income could fluctuate from year to year.

Lifetime benefits

See the benefits of investing with Lifetime Income

 Regular Fortnightly Income - Lifetime pay you an income each fortnight, the same week as NZ Super, so you can continue paying the bills.

Your money is always yours - you can add to or withdraw your funds at any time. It's your investment and you’re in control at all times. If you pass away, your balance will be paid to your estate.

Helps you bridge the income gap – Lifetime gives you a fortnightly income to help you top up your Super and meet your regular expenses.